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Sisters of Grace, Gospel Music in Oakland, CA

Daughters of Grace with Keyboard Player,
Marty Lew featured here at a church event

Hear the amazing Gospel music of the Daughters of Grace, part of Wade Enterprises & Advertising, Inc. in Oakland, California. You can book our live band for your next event or listen to our albums. Contact us for more information about our family company, or to ask about our gospel music podcast!

Daughters of Grace
Three sisters and four daughters of the Wade family make up this soulful gospel music ensemble. Singing a variety of tunes, Daughters of Grace can meet your needs for worship and entertainment. Answering the call for almost any occasion, book the Daughters of Grace for your next event. We perform for:

Church Events • Block Parties • Weddings • Funerals • Celebrations

Many Styles
Our family gospel music group works in a wide variety of styles and genres. On our albums or at live concerts, you can hear us perform songs in these genres:

Gospel Music • Spirituals • Christian Contemporary
A Cappella • R & B • Old School Review

Need a song or lyrics for a special occasion? We've got you covered with our songwriting services. It doesn't matter what genre you want. We compose for them all!

Click on a Song Below to Listen

I am God, written by Margena Wade, Music by John D. Scott
I am So Grateful, written by Margena Wade, Music by John D. Scott

Contact us at (888) 894-3898 in Oakland, California, to learn more about our Gospel music.

Service Area: California and Texas